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Lavender field The image "Lavender field" is available as print and Royalty-Free image in the formats listed below. Please note that the thumbnail can be cropped and not show the actual image size. Click at the thumbnail to see the image whitout cropping.

Prints: The smaller prints up to 18x12 are produced on an Canon i9950 printer on Hahnemuhle Photorag 308 paper. The larger prints over 18 inches are produced on an external photolab and are only available as limited editions, provided with a signed and numbered label. Shipping cost are included in the price.

Royalty-Free image: With Royalty-Free images, you pay only once for an image that can be used, without time limit, and without limits on where and how many times you use the image, as long as it is for the same end client or project. No additional license fees need to be paid but you do not grant any rights to exclusive use of the image.
Upon receiving your order I will contact you whit login details to my FTP server where you can download a .zip file containing your Tiff or JPEG image(s), Royalty-Free license agreement and invoice.

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9x6 (23x15,2cm) € 30.00
12x8 (30,6x20,3cm) € 33.00
18x12 (46x30cm € 38.00
24x16 (61x40,5cm) € 57.00
30x20 (76x50cm) € 89.00
36x24 (91x60cm) € 124.00
*Qantities can be set at the next step
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File Price Purchase
Jpeg. 250x166 px € 30.00
Jpeg. 500x333 px € 60.00
Tiff. 1535x1020 px € 95.00
Tiff. 2480x1647 px € 120.00

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Colour matching: Every photographer would like there fine art prints to resemble the on-screen version a 100% including me. However, Due to the complexities of color management, the diversity of computer monitors, and the fact that, prints and monitors are two fundamentally different ways to display images, a 100% match isn't possible.

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